Invetment plans

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To implement investment strategy in borders its of business plan LTD is involved in attracting financial assets not only from company’s partners, but from anyone who is looking for safe investments for life. The company offers the best investment strategy which is understandable and accessible to any cryptocurrency user and also novice investors. Regardless of the amount of your deposit, profits will be accrued every hour (every 60 minutes), since the moment when it was added in your account. Because LTD is involved in cryptocurrency investment, Bitcoin is a single affordable payment method. After adding your assets are placed at the disposal of company's financial managers, deposit starts working and brings a steady hourly income regardless of the results of our activity. Investor is our core value and you receive guaranteed profit no matter what.

The minimum deposit is $10, this amount can not be limited - invest any amount you want. Besides, you can have a few deposits at the same time: each of them will have its own conditions. Profit in the amount of 0.12% is accrued each hour 7 days a week, including weekends. Please note that your deposit is working for life, but you can get it back after 24 hours with 5% fee.

Once your balance is equal to $0.10, you can make a request to withdraw profit. All such requests are processed instantly.

If you want to increase your profits, use a function of compound interest from 0% to 100%. Compounding is an option of deposit configuration, under which all hourly profits or their part aren't paid to the investor, but reinvested in addition to his investment fund. This allows the investor earning more, and the client's profits increase every hour, as the investment deposit increases.